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This project is a psychoanalysis of “Salary man”-Japanese white collar workers-.

After I finished study of psychology in Japan's college, I had worked for a commercial bank as a Salary man for 3 and half years. In a sense, this project is my “Man's search for meaning”.

In the working period, I met many odd custom of salary men. Wearing same outfits and faces, so much gauging other people's feeling, forcing others to drink alcohol and to sing in Karaoke bar. Sometimes, I felt a sense of insane and disgusting, because I saw them like “No Faces” lost their individuality, or “Encoded replaceable parts”. They seems like self replicating and covering over Tokyo, the city of efficiency.

Although before I realize, I apparently became the one of them. I think like my boss does, and I act like my co-workers do. I was frightened. In subconscious level, I was tuned and the border between me and others became quite blur, subtle and fuzzy.
My real self vaporized and gone somewhere.


Properly speaking, human is the animal that can think and decide by ourselves under the name of the “self”. However, it seems we are just “Copies with no original”. We often forget our freewill and act same as others. Firm “I” might be just illusion. Our think is processed in parallel.

Before, I strongly believed that I never ever be like criminal or any terrorists. I was confident that I'm a clearly different existence from those criminals.

Now, I lost my confident. I'm nobody, and can be anybody in particular situation.

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