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I took straight photography of LCD screens with glitch noise caused by poor contact in the receiver of digital TV with news reports and dramas. By rotating and cropping the data after the picture was taken, the context of the original image was removed. Viewers of idol-less pictures are motivated by a 'desire to read' and project themselves to generate an illusory visual reality.


Media hearsay is an important factor in Homo sapiens' survival as a community, learning and cooperating with strangers, and the mass media that support this mechanism have defined the nature of our perception of reality.  In the 20th century, when television was dominant, the information obtained from it standardized the framing of the perception of reality for the majority of society. However, now that the media environment has become deceptively diverse, with vast amounts of photographic imagery distracting us and even clever fake information abounding, the collective experience of humanity is undergoing a profound transformation.


Humans cannot help but filter signals from the sea of noise and weave stories, like connecting constellations. By paying deep attention to trivial facts and errors, doors are opened that lead out of the bright caves and the sun shines through.

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