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I took a straight photo of the LCD screen with glitch noise caused by a bad contact with the receiver of a digital LCD TV that plays TV programs such as news, drama, and wide show. By modifying the data after shooting only by rotation and cropping, the meaning of the original image has been lost.

The screen is a combination of what the media wants to show and what I want to show. Like "apophenia" which perceives certain patterns in random data, the viewer of an ambiguous image is motivated by the desire to read it, to project his or her own sensations and memories onto it, to become one with it.

Both the media and the individual filter signals from the sea of noise, anticipating what and how they will be received, and weaving a narrative like a constellation of stars. Outside the clean and bright spectacle, free of strangers and noise, there is always another dimension of reality. As photographic images cover our environment and our consciousness has been altered to the point where we no longer perceive the real world, we may no longer be able to distinguish what is signal and what is noise.

Careful attention to trivial facts, incidents, and outliers that cannot be captured by words or everyday perceptions is the key to unlocking the doors that lead outside the totalitarian and conspiratorial image space.