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Taro Karibe

◉BIO | 略歴

Born 1988 in Aichi. Tokyo based Artist/ Photographer.

Interested in the pattern structures that commonly occur in invisible systems, he began his photographic expression after working in psychology, infectious disease control, finance and IT. He regards the contemporary media environment as a 'cave wall' and photography as the idol that appears on it, and examines its function as a 'support for a sense of reality' and its impact on human society. His method follows the phylogeny of photography, developing from traditional news photography and documentary to 'generative photography' using artificial intelligence.

Major solo shows include 'Saori', Kyotographie, KG+ SELECT (Kyoto, 2021); ‘Age of Photon/ INCIDENTS’, IMA gallery (Tokyo, 2020); 'Saori', Paddington Town Hall, Head on Photo Festival (Sydney, 2018). Group shows include 'ANB Open Studio vol.3' ANB Tokyo (Tokyo, 2022) and 'LUMIX MEETS/ BEYOND 2020 BY JAPANESE PHOTOGRAPHERS #6' (Paris/Photo Saint Germain, Amsterdam/ Unseen, Tokyo/ IMA gallery, 2019). Major awards include Tokyo Frontline Photo Award Takashi Kawashima Prize (Tokyo, 2022), IMA next Erik Kessels Prize Shortlist (Tokyo, 2022), PDN Photo Annual (NY, 2018), and finalist of the 18th Photography '1_WALL' (Tokyo. 2018).




不可視のシステムに共通して生じる構造(一般システム)に関心を持ち、心理学・感染症予防・金融・ITに携わった後に写真表現を始めた。写真はHarry Gruyaert氏 /Magnum Photosなど複数の写真家のアシスタントなどを通じて習得。現代的メディア環境を「洞窟の壁」、写真をそこにうつる偶像と捉え、その現実感の支持体機能や、テクノロジーと人類の「ものを見る」営為との関係性を考察する。その手法は初期は紛争地・災害地などでの報道とドキュメンタリー、そして現在は機械の眼に幻を見せるピクチャー生成へと横断しながら展開する。

主な個展に「沙織」京都国際写真祭 KG+ SELECT(京都、2021)、「Age of Photon/ INCIDENTS」IMA gallery(東京、2020)、「Saori」Paddington Town Hall, Head on Photo Festival(シドニー、2018)。グループ展に「Platform 29.8」ANB Tokyo(東京、2022)、「LUMIX MEETS/ BEYOND 2020  BY JAPANESE PHOTOGRAPHERS #6」(パリ/Photo Saint Germain・アムステルダム/ Unseen・東京/ IMA gallery、2019)。主な受賞にTokyo Frontline Photo Award /川島崇志賞(東京、2022)、IMA next /Erik Kessels賞ショートリスト(東京、2022)、PDN Photo Annual(NY、2018)、第18回写真「1_WALL」ファイナリスト(東京、2018)などがある。


2020-2023   RAM Association/ Graduate school of Film and New Media, Tokyo University of the Arts (Non-degree program)

2018    Eddie Adams WorkshopXXX, NY, USA

2016    RPS Photobook Masterclass w/ Heijdens Karwei and Yumi Goto

2007-2012   BA Psychology, Nanzan University, Aichi, Japan

2010    College for International Cooperation and Development, UK/ South Africa 


2023             Electric Caveman, PHOTO GALLERY FLOW NAGOYA, Aichi, Japan

                     Electric Caveman, HECTARE, Tokyo, Japan

​2021             Saori, KYOTOGRAPHIE International Photography Festival/ KG+ SELECT, Sanjo Ryogaecho Building, Kyoto, Japan

2020    Age of Photon/ INCIDENTS, IMA Gallery, Tokyo, Japan

2019    Regarding the Shadows of Others, Libris Kobaco, Fukuoka, Japan

      Saori, Hyakunen, Tokyo, Japan.

2018    Saori, Head On Photofestival, Paddington town hall, Sydney, Australia

      Letters To You, Yakushima International Photo Festival, Yakushima Island, Japan

2017    Plastic Reincarnation, &Lounge Gallery, Tokyo, Japan



                      Kathleen Reilly + Taro Karibe "Through the Garden Window, The Dew on the Grass", Cale, Tokyo, Japan

2022             'ANB Open Studio vol.3', ANB Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan  

                     'Platform 29.8', ANB Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan

2021             RAM PRACTICE 2021, Tokyo University of the Arts, Yokohama, Japan (As collective "AdMornings" )

2018    1_WALL Finalist Exhibition, Guardian Garden Gallery, Tokyo, Japan

      'LUMIX MEETS/ BEYOND 2020 BY JAPANESE PHOTOGRAPHERS #6' Exhibition, Unseen, Amsterdam/        

                      Photo Saint Germain, Paris/ IMA Gallery, Tokyo

                      PHOTO IS:RAEL International Photo Festival, Tel Aviv, Israel

2017    Month of photography Denver, Colorado

      Mt.Rokko International Photography Festival, KIITO, Kobe, Japan

                     PX3 Prix de la Photographie Paris, Paris, France

2016            Ueno Hikoma Award Exhibition, Tokyo Photographic Art Museum, Tokyo, Japan

                     Ueno Hikoma Award Exhibition, Kyushu Sangyo University, Fukuoka, Japan

                     Tempus/Locus, Municipal Museum of Fine Arts, Nizhny Tagil, Russia

2015            SWPA exhibition, SONY imaging gallery, Tokyo, Japan

2014            SWPA exhibition, Somerset House, London, UK

◉PROJECTION | プロジェクション

​2020             RAM/TOMOTOSHI Museum, Kabukicho, Tokyo

2018    YPF, Garalie Monstre, Les Rencontres d’Arles, France

2017             Tbilisi Photo Festival, Tbilisi, Georgia

                      Perpignan Photo Festival, Perpignan, France

                      Angkor Photo Festival, Siem Riep, Cambodia

2016             Angkor Photo Festival, Siem Riep, Cambodia


2019              Saori, Artist book, Japan

2018              Life-Forms, Artist book, Japan,

2017              Plastic Reincarnation, Artist book, Japan

◉RESIDENCY | レジデンシー

2022              ANB Studio Program, Tokyo, Japan

2018             Yakushima International Photography Festival

◉ART FAIR / BOOK FAIR | アートフェア・ブックフェア

2019    Poor man’s book fair, Hohohoza, Kyoto 

2017    Tokyo Artbook Fair, Museum of Contemporary art Tokyo, Tokyo

                       ArtRooms, Melia White House, London, UK

2016              ArtRooms, Melia White House, London, UK

◉Lecture, WS | レクチャー・ワークショップ

2023            Photography as Generative Image, MMoP/ ASAMA INTERNATIONAL PHOTO FESTIVAL, Nagano, Japan

                    Photography as Generative Image, PHOTO GAPPLERY FLOW NAGOYA, Aichi, Japan

◉PERFORMANCE | パフォーマンス

2020     "Making Liness" TOMO City Museum, Tokyo

                    “Recording Campfiring” w/ AdMornings, Tokyo


2020    Kiyosato Museum of Photographic Arts, Kiyosato, Japan

​2019             Tokyo Photographic Art Museum Library, Tokyo

2018    Tbilisi Photography & Multimedia Museum, Tbilisi, Georgia

2017    MoMA Library, NY

                      International Center of Photography Library, NY

2016    Municipal Museum of Fine Arts, Nizhny Tagil, Russia


2022            Tokyo Frontline Photo Award, Takashi Kawashima Jury Prize, Tokyo, Japan

                      IMA next, Erik Kessels Prize, Short Listed, Tokyo, Japan

2019    World Press Photo Joop Swart Masterclass nominee, Amsterdam, Netherland

​                      Photobook in Progress 3rd place, Czech

2018    1_Wall Finalist, Tokyo, Japan

                       Kolga Photo Award Finalist, Georgia

                       Associated Press Award/ Eddie Adams Workshop, NY

2017    PDN Photo Annual Photojournalism/Photo documentary category, NY

       PX3 Prix de la Photographie Paris People category Bronze prize, Paris, France

2016    Critical Mass 2016 Top50, NY

      Poland Grand Prix Fotofestiwal Finalist, Poland

      Ueno Hikoma Award Shortlisted, Japan

2015    Fuji Award/ Magnum WS, Tokyo

2014    Sony World Photography Awards National Award second place, NY


(Interviewed by)
2020            Edition/ Tomorrow Land  

2018            IMA Online


2015            British Journal of Photography

(Featured in)

2021            bijutsutecho

​2021            nekoSLASH

2019            Fotoadvert

2019            IMA Online

​2018            Newsweek Japan

2018            Chunichi Shimbun

2018            CINRA
2018            Sydney Morning Herald

2018            Mainichi News Paper

2018            Fraction Magazine

2018            SBS Radio

2017            The New York Times

2017            The Washington Post

2016            Stern

2016            World Photography Organization


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