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Plastic Reincarnation (2016~2017)  

The series is composed of photographs taken with a disposable camera. The concept developed while I followed the traditional pilgrimage trail of 88 temples in Shikoku, the least populated of the four main islands of Japan.

Since the life-cycle of the camera is short and transitory I was able to experience life and death again and again, virtually. The series collects the chaotic fragments of the world and things that fascinated me - the beautiful, the spooky, the colorful- things which are constantly being created and also vanishing. I embraced the world of the transitory.

Plastic Reincarnationは、レンズ付きフィルム(使い捨てカメラ)の写真で構成され、四国遍路中にその着想が得られました。リサイクルされることで人の手を渡るプラスチックレンズを依代に、世界に散らばる「私」の断片を集めた巡礼。二度と同じ流れに入ることができない川の水を掬いとり、指の間からこぼれ落ちるものを余さず飲み込もうとしました。