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本シリーズは2016年4月14・16日に発生した熊本地震(震度7・マグニチュード7.3)で、その活動の一例です。写真はGetty Images News Serviceから配信され、International New York Timesの一面など各主要メディアで特集されました。

In the early years of his career, Karibe worked as a news photographer in conflict and disaster zones and contributed mainly to foreign media.

This series is about the Kumamoto earthquake (M7.3) that occurred on 14 and 16 April 2016. Karibe entered Mashiki town, the epicentre of the earthquake, shortly after the pre-earthquake and continued photographing over the course of the main quake.

Photos were distributed by Getty Images News Service and featured in various major media outlets, including the front page of the International New York Times.

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