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Midnight Trance (2015~2017)


Every year, tens of thousands of young Tokyoites gather in Shibuya district, Tokyo, Japan. They all wear costumes like uniforms, animation character and monsters. They are totally absorbed in their imaginary roles, and get trance all night through. Everybody exchange frank words and they seem like really discharged. Besides the city streets provide a vibrant backdrop to Halloween revelers.

After I spent hours in the crowd, I felt a bit surrealistic feeling like the border between reality and dreams -or conscious and unconscious- became ambiguity. Shibuya district is well known for its world's biggest pedestrian crossing. 500 thousands people pass by one another in a day, without any communication.

I think the crossing is the symbol of Tokyo.

There are so many people living in Tokyo, but those live rarely across usually. Due to the development of the technology, now people don't have to communicate in person. 

Although that night was different.

Probably, the place turned into intimate space-or buffer- for disconnected people. Usual class and status gaps are covered by masks, and they got their lost "roles" back, in this individuality based modern society.

This project aims to capture the psychological status of young Tokyoites, and changing color/light of Shibuya, the chaotic district.