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Leiko Ikemura/イケムラレイコ, an artist. (for Blau Magazine/Berlin)

Hayato Isomura/磯村勇斗, an actor. (for キネマ旬報)

小松菜奈&宮沢氷魚 Nana Komatsu and Hio Miyazawa, actors. (for キネマ旬報)

Jun Soejima, a TV personality (for The Washington Post)

Carl Pei, a CEO at Nothing (for Forbes Japan)

Motohisa Nakamizo, a former Yakuza (Kudokai/工藤會) in Hakata city, Japan. (for The Washington Post)

Ryutaro Ishihara/石原龍太郎, an editor.

Ayaka Brandy/ブランディあやか, an artist (for The Washington Post)

Akira Kiyota/清田瞭, a CEO at JPX/日本取引所. (for Forbes Japan).

Lee Sang-il/ 李相日, a film director. For WPB.

Non/ のん, an actress, film director and artist. (for WPB)

Yoshihide Suga/菅義偉, the 99th Prime Minister of Japan/第99代内閣総理大臣 (for LINE Blogos)

Hayato Isomura/磯村勇斗, an actor. (for キネマ旬報)

Leiko Ikemura/イケムラレイコ, an artist. (for Blau Magazine/Berlin)

Harry Gruyaert/ハリー・グリエール, a Belgium Magnum photographer in Tokyo, in 2016.

Shohei Yasuda, a chef/ owner of the restaurant KABI in Tokyo.(for Forbes Japan)

Toyoo Itoh/伊東豊雄, an architect. (for F.I.N)

Daigo Matsui/松居大悟, a film director. (for Weekly Playboy)

Shiori Kutsuna/ 忽那汐里, an actress. (for ITmedia)

Kenta Kiritani/ 桐谷健太, an actor. (for ITmedia)

Hayato Ichihara/市原隼人, an actor. For ITmedia.

Natsuna/夏菜, an actress. (for weekly Playboy)

Nishikigoi/錦鯉, comedians. (for WPB)

Shinnosuke Mitsushima/満島真之介, an actor (for Weekly Playboy)

Takashi Goto/後藤高志, a CEO at Seibu/西武. (for Forbes Japan)

Honoka Matsumoto/松本穂香, an actress. (for WPB)

Hajime Shacho/はじめしゃちょー, a Youtuber. (for ITmedia)

Miona Hori/堀未央奈, an actress and former member of Nogizaka 46. (for weekly playboy)

Naoki Nozu/ 野津直樹, a Lecturer at Professional College of Arts and Tourism/芸術文化観光専門職大学 in Toyooka City.

Koichiro Kimura, a CEO at PwC (for Forbes Japan).

Tomoyuki Yoshinaga, a CEO of Mizkan/ミツカン (for Forbes JAPAN)

Takuya Nakata, a CEO of YAMAHA (for Forbes JAPAN)

Toshiro Hikariyoshi, a CEO at Sumitomo Ringyo/住友林業 (for Forbes Japan)

kensuke Yamashita/ 山下健介, an embodier.

Toshiki Kawai, a CEO at Tokyo Electron/東京エレクトロン (for Forbes Japan)

Michito Fuji/ 藤井道人, a film director. (for WPB)

Yuya Yagira/柳楽優弥, a Japanese actor. (for Weekly Playboy)

Takaya Jinnai, a CEO at Restaurant Hiramatsu running Maison Paul Bocuse/メゾンポールボキューズ 代官山 (for Forbes Japan)

Koichi Mizutome, a CEO at Akido Sushiro/スシロー (for Forbes Japan)

Megumi Okina/ 奥菜恵, an actress. For WPB.

Shinya Takahashi, a CEO at MSOL (for Forbes Japan)


Philip J Javans, a Brisith Script Writer based in London.

Daisuke Tahara (for WIRED US)

Akihiko Kondo, a Tokyoite Married with a character Hatsune Miku. (for Getty Images)

Kyoji Sato, a CEO at 文教堂. For Forbes Japan.

Raimu Kaminashi, a model (for The Washington Post)

Harry Gruyaert, a Belgium Magnum photographer in Kyoto, 2019.

Miwako Date/伊達美和子, a CEO at Mori Trust/森トラスト

Masaki Oga, a CEO at Sapporo/サッポロ(for Forbes Japan)

Akiko Kikuchi/菊池亜希子, an actress and model (for Weekly Playboy)

Toshio Motoya, a CEO at APA Group/アパ (for Forbes Japan)

Hidenari Tanaka, a CEO at Menicon/メニコン. (for Forbes Japan)

Futa Kodama (L) and Sora Kodama pose for portrait at their house. They have evacuated from their home town Natori, Miyagi where massive Tsunami hit on 11th of March, 2011. ( for Yahoo!News Japan)

Takuya Yokota, the brother of Megumi Yokota who is a Japanese woman who was abducted by a North Korean agent in 1977, when she was a thirteen-year-old junior high school student. (for NBC News)

Soichiro Minami, a CEO at Visional (for Forbes Japan)

Tsunekazu Ishihara, a CEO of Pokemon (for The Wall Street Journal)

Raimu Kaminashi (for Washington Post)

Michitaka Sawada, a CEO of Kao (for Forbes JAPAN)

Kenneth Greve, a Danish Choreographer (for PEN+)

Kai Harada, a climber. (for Champion)

Ikuko Ebihara, a CEO of Jhonson & Jhonson Vision Care (for Forbes JAPAN)

Rei Inamoto, a creative director (for WORKMILL)

Hiroki Matsueda (23), Runner. (Commissioned by Fujitsu/ Fixers Japan))

Yukako Asakawa in Tokyo.

Yuta Nakahara, 20, poses during an archery event for 20-year-olds to celebrate their coming-of-age at Sanjusangendo Temple on January 17, 2016 in Kyoto, Japan. Some 2,000 people took part in the annual event. ( for Getty Images)

Mikael Bertelsen, a Danish TV host. For Danish Broadcasting Service/ Fixers Japan

Halloween participants in Tokyo. (for Getty Images)

Halloween participants in Tokyo. (for Getty Images)