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Book Cover Collaboration: Fernanda Melchor's 'Hurricane Season'

I’m excited to announce that my work 'INCIDENTS' has been used as the cover for the Japanese translation version of Fernanda Melchor's novel "Hurricane Season". Set in modern rural Mexico, the story is a masterpiece of madness and violence. It was selected as a finalist for the Booker International Prize and a NY Times Best Book selection. Also it became a Netflix drama. The rhythm of the mixed sentences is amazing. Translated by Kazumi Uno, designed by Nobuko Okubo. Please have a check.


現代メキシコの田舎で渦巻く狂気と悲哀が独特の文のリズムで描かれるこの物語は、ブッカー国際賞最終候補、The NY Times年間ベストブックなどに挙げられる傑作です。



Elisa Miller監督の映画版(Netflix)はこちら。残念ながら日本語字幕はまだないのですが、ご興味あればこちらもぜひチェックしてみてください。



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