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Life-Forms  (2017)


When I was in New York in 2017, I had a lot of time on my hands and watched a lot of TV in my hotel, which I don't usually watch. At the time, the US was deeply divided, with racism amplified by the words and actions of President Donald Trump, and the Las Vegas shootings had put the news in a serious mood. But change the channel and you are bombarded with peaceful dramas, religious sermons and provocative commercials. To reflect on the relationship between reality and the media, we decided to film the TV screen.

We used a digital TV with a faulty contact to create a glitch and filmed the information flowing across the screen in real time. Zapping and capturing the noise that fills the screen from morning to night, as it tangles and changes shape continuously, was a new visual experience that I was fascinated by, as was the joy of wandering street photography in search of coincidence. The original contours of the television's image were broken, and the world, even the timeline, was confused, looking like a woven fabric of signals. And I was fascinated by the beauty of this degraded image. Something stirring just as it is in the clean, clear, bright world of television. The foreign and the chaotic may be excluded from our modern world, where rationality and consistency are strongly demanded. Nevertheless, I am reminded of the ambiguity of a world whose boundaries and seams are not as clear as we would like to believe, and I wish to be close to its fluctuations.