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Life-Forms  (2017)


These images are photographs of a TV screen that I captured in my hotel room during a trip to New York in 2017.

By manipulating the connection of the signal cable I was able to cause glitches in the real-time feed, pixelating and saturating the colors, distorting the subjects on screen.

Capturing the changing shapes while deliberately zapping the connection to create the noise-filled screen gave me a joy similar to that of street-photography; the wandering, the seeking of a happenstancial moment. I was captivated by this new visual sensation. The original shapes on screen were distorted to such a degree that time itself seemed to disintegrate within that world; the images seemed as though they were woven from digital fabric.

When these distorted images first emerged I was amazed by the sensation of the unique, organic-like material and was enchanted by their beauty. I felt I had caught a glimpse of some vestige wriggling beneath the clean regularity of the projected images on the TV.

In today's modern world imperfection and chaos seem likely to be rejected due to the social obsession with rationality and consistency. My wish is to embrace the fluctuating ambiguity of this world where the insinuated boundaries and apparent seams are not quite as defined as we perceive them to be.