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Led Light District (2016)  

As the years go by, the texture of Tokyo seems to be changing more and more inorganic and flat. This is mainly due to the replacement of artificial lighting such as fluorescent and neon signs with LED lights.

LED lights are touted for their convenience and economic efficiency - they are compact, bright and energy-saving - but their effects on the human body are still poorly understood: some studies suggest that LED lights produce too much light, and that exposure to them at night can reduce sleep quality and cause chronic migraines. Some studies suggest that exposure to LED lights at night may reduce sleep quality and cause chronic migraines.

As the landscape makes the man, the ubiquity of light and colour in the environment in which we live has a profound effect on our psyche. How will these new rays of light, which humanity is just beginning to experience, alter the way we think and behave today?




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