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Artist Statement:

My main interests are 'The Contingency of the World' and 'Social/ Human Actuality'.

I studied psychology at university where I recognized how human thought and behavior are regulated by external environments. Through my involvement eradicating infectious diseases in South Africa and the understanding of economic dynamics I aqcuired while working at financial institutions, I began to recognize how the diversity of relationships between society and the individual differs through context.

At the beginning of my career I worked in photojournalism for domestic and overseas media, covering a wide range of subjects from earthquake disasters, to the daily life of sexual minorities, etc. However I felt conflicted; the literal approach of photojournalism does not convey the actuality of a situation. Thus I began to expand and experiment with different techniques of photographic expression. In may past work 'Letters to You' dealing with Rohingya refugees, I handled information that tended to be omitted as “unnecessary” in photojournalism. I tried to question not only the situation of the refugees, but also how the viewer feels the reality when they see the photographs.

I feel that the verification bias to see only what we want to see is spreading around the world; that consistency and integrity are being required more aggressively.

I believe we live in an unfaithful world of chaos where the inconvenient/unfavorable “noise” and “grey zones” that cannot be captured/translated with words are indeed important, and I am continuing to explore through these “hints” from this perspective how people in modern society perceive the world today.

                                                                                                                                                   2018.11.22        Taro Karibe



キャリア初期には探求の手法としてフォトジャーナリズムに重心を置き、紛争や地震等の災害、性的マイノリティの日常等の報道写真を国内外メディアで発表する活動をしていました。しかし従来型の報道のリテラルな手法では現場の実状がオーディエンスに十分に伝わらないと葛藤があり、表現手法を実験的に拡張してきました。ロヒンギャ難民を扱った作品「Letters to You」(2018)では、通常報道では不要な情報として省かれる情報をあえて扱っています。難民の現実をグローバル化した現代社会を反映した今日的に有効な方法で伝えつつ、オーディエンスが何をもってリアリティを感じ、また他者の状況に介入できるか、といった自他の関係性や認識に対する普遍的な問いを提起しようとしています。



                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  2018.11.22        苅部 太郎

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