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Just as bison were painted using cracks and hollows in the walls in the caves of Altamira, and constellations were created by connecting the countless stars in the night sky with lines, humans have had a desire to 'project' and imagine things that are absent there since time immemorial. Human visual brain is caught up in the apophenia, which seeks to acquire knowledge by searching for certain patterns in chaos, and each person finds a visual image like a mirage.


The biologist Richard Dawkins claimed that "life wants to make eyes", and it seems that AI, which humanity is now nurturing with all its might, has begun to organise a visual brain structure that not only perceives, but also understands and interprets. And since the algorithms (i.e. procedures for seeing things) are determined by humans, they cannot escape the constraints of bias in the same way as we do.

In this work, I drew out the AI's bias and made the machine's eyes see illusions. I disrupted the digital signal of an LCD TV to generate glitch noise in a flowing news program and filmed a screen in which it was impossible to tell what was on the screen. The images were loaded into Adobe AI-powered photo-editing software as a contemporary "cave wall", disturbing the image recognition and generation system for landscape photography. The machine's intelligence was confused by the meaningless and deviant information, and made up an ambiguous landscape picture by forcibly applying features of the real landscape that had been machine-learnt.

Artemis, the Greek goddess of the hunt, killed her beloved by 'mistake'. Jealous of Artemis' love affair with the giant Orion, her brother Apollo one day points to the back of Orion's head as he swims across the sea, telling her to "shoot that rock and show me how good your bow is". Thus deceived, Artemis shot an arrow at the back of Orion's head.


Misinterpretations of meaning can turn this world into something rich and cruel. Bias hurts people, and copy errors drive the evolution of art and biology. The original and the copy blended, and misdistribution continues to link the constellations in the world.

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